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4100 West Kennedy Boulevard, Suite 220, Tampa, Florida 33609
Seasoned and experienced

The Partner You Can Trust

TruPharma was formed by seasoned pharmaceutical executives with broad commercial experience for the purpose of bringing to market high-quality niche products.

TruPharma initially partnered with a small number of companies with multiple ANDAs to establish their front-end commercial operations. In parallel, TruPharma established its own commercial platform, and has been selling products with a TruPharma label. Combined, TruPharma has launched more than fifty products since 2014. Whatever your commercial needs for the US market, TruPharma is the partner you can trust.

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Breaking News

Now Available - Apomorphine HCl Injection 30/3 ml Cartridges, Pharmacy Network for Refills.

TruPharma, LLC announces approval and launch of Apomorphine Hydrochloride cartridges, 30 mg/3 mL (10 mg/mL), the first generic version of APOKYN® cartridges. Read more on


Experience and Passion

Experience and Passion

TruPharma is a private company headquartered in Tampa, Florida. We serve customers all over the United States and partner with developers and manufacturers all over the world.