In 2012, John Mooney and JB Davis teamed up to start TruPharma, LLC. They formed TruPharma one year after leading the senior management team of Anchen Pharmaceuticals through the sale of that company to Par Pharmaceuticals. In July of 2014, Steven Randazzo, joined TruPharma as a partner.

TruPharma has grown quickly by establishing a number of strategic partnerships. These partnerships have led to over thirty product launches in the last five years. This high level of activity has kept us out-front and relevant with the major buyers and all classes of trade.

In a time of increasing consolidation among generic pharmaceutical buyers, it takes seasoned executives with longstanding relationships to execute the right commercial strategy for each individual product. TruPharma was founded and is operated by a team of such executives with critical experience in pharmaceutical development, manufacturing, patent challenges, and all aspects of generic product sales and marketing. We have a proven track record of building niche product portfolios and getting difficult products FDA-approved and into the market.



John E. Mooney, President
Joseph Brower “JB” Davis, Chief Commercial Officer
Steven C. Randazzo, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

prides itself on
being a partner
of choice. Ideal partners are developers and manufacturers of products who can leverage our experience getting products approved and to market.
TruPharma is a
private company
headquartered in
Tampa, Florida.
We serve
customers all
over the United
States and
partner with
developers and
manufacturers all
over the world.